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There is little hope here; as long as you are not an Adventist, your identity will be forever lost as you become agglomerated with the rest of “The World”.

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Although it should be noted that conservative members usually unofficially hold her writings/teachings up at the same level as the Bible.You don’t just get to never talk to Seventh Day Adventists ever again. That is why in my guide to leaving the church, I make building up a non-SDA social support network a main, core component.A lot of people point to Ellen G White to label the SDA church as a “cult”.Adventists separate people into two groups; Adventists, and non-Adventists. What you may or may not know is that your Adventist co-worker/neighbour will, in the company of other Adventists, call you “worldly”. As discussed in my article on “The World”, Adventists have been taught from birth that “The World” is living under the deception of Satan.For the next two months, the members of our AYMV Department are tasked to give the message to the young people during the AY program every Sabbath afternoon. For this series of messages we decided to use a downloaded material from the GC Youth Department Website, it is a week of prayer sermon list that we need to study.