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- Server system updated to latest version, all apps on server updated too - Core of game edited Antispam, fixed small mistakes, added new preventions of spam from another servers - FORUM repaired section for register of new members, added new preventions vs.spambots and ads topics, repaired remember login function - Removed requirement ,, Unique" on Arena Waist items - Repaired hit chance of spells on players in Pv P, chance for hit target by spells increased 20% - Priest repaired Cooldown of Shadowform spell and try repair of bug Shadowform spell stuck - Movement speed of all players and mounted speed increased 5% - Rogue increased reduction of physical damage 5%, talent [Deadened Nerves] 5% - Druid Moonkin Form increased reduction of physical damage 10% - Spell druid lowered intelect -160 on full eq - Spell druid added 6% physical reduction on Moonkin Form - Spell shaman increased stamina 300 on full eq - Spell shaman lowered intelect -210 on full eq - Spell shaman lowered spell haste -20 on full eq - Hunter lowered freeze effect duration of spell Freezing Trap from 9s to 6s same as other classes - Spell Holy Shock (class Paladin) increased damage and heal 30% - Rogue lowered effect level of stealth -3 (which have been increase on sets), this may fix problem of spell Perception and pvp between Rogue and Feral druid in stealth - for android users we have new application for log ingame only for chat with friend, you can use whisps, party and raid chats, guild chats, all ingame commands and chat with people on public channels or say etc.Kampung Chat rooms is connected with IRC Chat Network where people can use register and non register nicknames and also have facilities of pm chat pm means users can chat in Private Chat Room to each other.Hence we have random chat rooms where strangers users come for chat with kampung people.- Fixed movement speed of comand .m speed (bug of update speed function in anticheat, repair only for GMs or players which get speed from GM) - Battleground ressurection interval on Graveyards changed from 18sec to 15sec.- Battleground Script Texts added to bosses in AV (fixed 25 errors of missing texts and Bosses will spam some words now :-D ) - Added Evade bug fix into server core for avoid of problems with creatures with evading ACC/VIP Manager - Increased security of accounts, in section move of characters was small security fail, which shows registration email of account, now will be main part of email hidden by *** Website registration - fix of problem with long email names (allowed more than 32 chars, now is limit 40) Xmas Gift - reward for Xmas Events Drums of Battle, Drums of War - increased stats and values Stormchops - added into Reagent Cooking vendor, increased stack to 50.There is list of top items, only some players have them.

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[Event Bag - Level 2] - New Item [RARE Town King Spell Boots] - newly added into drop from Horde and Aliance kings.

- New Item [RARE Town King Melee Boots] - newly added into drop from Horde and Aliance kings.

stun effects from spells Intercept, Hamstring and Seduction - Hunter spell Arcane shot - damage change -5% - Warrior spell Rend - fixed not working last rank, increased damage by lowering of dmg tick from 3sec to 1,5sec/dmg - All class resistance - lowered resistance 10-20 down for all players (removed resistances from all shirts, delete cache for visible shirts correctly) - Alterac Valley balanced HP, damage, levels, spells and other problems of main boss guards on both sides - Alterac Valley - repaired bad factions on 2 guards (Icewing Marshall and Prospector Stonehewer) - ingame command /dnd Text solved, now DND blocking messages correctly, on original emu thread devs have mistake(they mean that now it is bugged and messages may be received to player while DND state active) Shaman Ghost Wolf - return of spell back to originality, removed immunity versus movement impairing spells, this idea was interesting, but players choosen original spell, for more info about this return check our forum section Suggestions - additionaly programmed trade/mail logs added section for GM team (this is function for easier solving of steals and prevention of stealing items by trade/mail) - GM log - fixed some problems and visibility issues of trade/mail logs for GM - increased logs size in database(because increased ram 8gb, for that we can increase logs 7days more) - fixed function for Morphing player pets, some hunter morphs was buggy, now working all fine - fixed bug of passive anticheat in arenas(sometimes was player ported 1-2yards back, only in Ruins of Lordaeon) - update of Antispam and added some optimalizations - Anticheat Warden added new checks which checking client side (anticheat reporting all detected cheats, kicking players and saving all into logs sending reports to GM team, for last 2months is easy to find and detect cheaters) - added Online Status of forum members - added info Topic Author - added info about IP adress, which created topic or post(visible only for Admins and Moderators) - added 54 wow avatars, which you can add to your profile on forum from galery - visual changes of forum (added avatars on last topic info and other small visual changes) - fixed bug in Armory (search of Arena Teams) - updated website domain and subdomain headers (added 15 resolutions of icons for mobile platforms and another browsers, added meta tags for searchers and social websites, added some translations of main domain) - increased security of websites lowered traffic(lowered traffic and block of iframes for avoid of load our pages on another domains, added some prevent functions for security checks) - warlock talent [Contagion] - lowered chance dispell of spells from 30% to 5% - paladin talent [Stoicism] lowered from 30% to 5% - chance to resist spells of paladin spells - paladin talent [Unyielding Faith] lowered from 30% to 5% - chance to resist spell of fear and disorient effects - paladin fixed imunity of spell [Blessing of Freedom] vs.

spells (Mage [Slow], [Frostbolt] slow, [Avengers Shield], [Curse of Exhaustion], [Frost Shock], [Thunder Clap]) - druid talent [Subtlety] lowered from 30% to 5% - chance resist of druid spells - druid talent [Primal Tenacity] - stun resist chance and fear from 15% to 5% - druid bug fixed - problem of interrupting cast time of spells [Wrath] and [Starfire] by spells as [Earth Shock] etc.