Dating a famous person

It can also involve being on-call all hours, arguably a more wearing experience. he wasn’t an enthusiastic conversationalist and when she implored him to “come over” he wouldn’t just hop on a plane immediately to wherever she might be.“She doesn’t understand I have a fucking job, man,” he explained in a dingy London pub to his starstruck mates one night, making a solemn vow to never date a celebrity again.

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Dating a celebrity is a challenging exercise for outsiders, even for James Packer, a billionaire Australian casino operator and the son of the late, legendary gambler Kerry Packer, who has reportedly dumped Mariah Carey.She reportedly spends ,000 a year on spa treatments—for her dogs. He is so rich that he is letting Carey keep the million engagement ring he bought her in the interests of a peaceful separation. That’s more than double what Kanye spent on Kim’s notorious (and now stolen) dazzler.But keeping up with a celebrity lifestyle doesn’t only involve spending vast amounts of cash. He explained that among the things he couldn’t deal with was her complete inability to understand why, when she rang him at 4 a.m. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_input. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_spinner. We're all used to the Hollywood "It" couples - the Brangelinas and the Kimyes. Sure, you have to deal with the paparazzi, but then there's all that taking secret vacations to exotic places, enjoying expensive meals, and other cool things that come with celebdom.