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Each title of Mary is unique, and has its own history. To distinguish these titles of Mary, I’d like to offer brief snippets of the historical origin of each title, thereby making clear the history of Our Lady of Good Help, as set apart from the other various “Good” and “helping” titles of Mary.

Our Lady of Good Health- A title associated with a Marian apparition to a young boy in the 16 century apparitions of Mary in Pontmain, France are known as Our Lady of Hope, but not Good Hope.

People devoted to Our Lady of Good Success, like Matthew Arnold, have suggested remarkable similarities between the words Mary spoke then and our culture today.

Our Lady, Help of Christians– The National Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help is not the only National Shrine in the Wisconsin dedicated to a helping title of Mary.

In France, there are at least four basilicas, six churches, and seven chapels dedicated to this tile of Mary.

Unfortunately, I did not have time to contact the parish to ask about their parish’s namesake.Pilgrims arrive at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help, and learn the story of Mary’s apparition to Adele Brise, a 28-year-old Belgian immigrant, who the Queen of Heaven visited three times, speaking only once, on October 9, 1859.Mary asked Adele to offer her Holy Communion for the conversion of sinners, make a general confession, and gather the children in the area and teach them what they needed to know for salvation.The first dates to the 1400s in Belgium where a statue from Scotland (formerly called Our Lady of Aberdeen) quickly became known as Our Lady of Good Success, winning the conversion of Calvinists to Catholicism.A second emergence of Our Lady of Good Success arises out of Ecuador in the late 1500’s and early 1600’s following apparitions of Mary received by a Conceptionist nun named Mother Mariana.