Updating a date field in msacess

Here's what our Flex Application will look like: button my RSS feed entries are loaded into the datagrid.

When you click on a row in the datagrid the corresponding entry is loaded into the text area.

Download Data Connection Controls Snippet [xfo] Minimum Requirements: Designer 7.0, Acrobat 7.0.

Once you place the file in the folder indicated above, you’ll then have a new object in the Custom tab of your Library palette named “Data Connection Controls”.

Start your XML file with a XML declaration, and an A panel is simply a container to put controls (the Data Grid, Text Area, and Button) into.

In order to do this, you have to build a query limits its results based on the currently open customer on the customer form.If you’re connecting to a single table, you may be able to simply pick its name from the list of tables.If you need to connect to multiple tables in the same data connection, then you’ll need to use a Stored Procedure or an Query.At this point, you should have a new data connection listed in the Data View palette which contains a list of “nodes”, one for each column in the table(s) you picked while setting-up the data connection: The next step is to create fields to represent each node in the data connection and The database I’ve connected to is one that uses the Movie Data I’ve used in previous tutorials.In this case, I’ve connected to the Movie table’s “title” and “show Time” columns. After you’ve completed this step, the Data View palette now shows the data nodes in the data connection as “bound” with special icons: The last step in this process consists in adding a set of controls to manipulate the records in the database obtained via the data connection.