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Comprised of over 300 works by more than 200 artists, "Human Interest: Portraits from the Whitney’s Collection" is a comprehensive look at the art of portraiture.Pulled from the Whitney's vast collection, the works range in date from 1900 to 2016.Up to 1,300 volunteers are said to be combing the area near Holly's home, in rural Decatur County, Indiana, in a desperate bid to find the 20-year-old, last seen being led into a wood by a mystery man.Miss Duncan and Holly's family have offered a ,000 reward for information that leads to her safe return since her white lunch box was recovered from a creek about eight miles from her home yesterday.It took us 10 minutes to do the tea time detour, so we might’ve beat Shelly & Nici, and we would’ve U-turned Misty and Jim to flush the Save.Rob: Did they realize how close they were to the treasure chest in the first episode?

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Miss Duncan, 26, whose hits include 'When I Said I Would' and 'Skinny Dippin' tweeted: 'Lord, lead us to Holly today.'Shortly after Holly's disappearance, Miss Duncan made pleas for prayers, writing on Facebook: 'My cousin Holly was kidnapped this morning. This is really sad & shocking.' She also tweeted: 'Lord have mercy. Thanks for all the prayers and please keep spreading the amber alert.'Her plea came as Tenessee investigators urged people 'to take notice of anyone whose whereabouts were unaccounted for Wednesday morning, when Holly went missing, and changes in behavior since the incident'.

Police have not yet named anyone who they believe was behind the alleged kidnapping.'It's possible the suspect missed work or appointments last Wednesday, Thursday or Friday unexpectedly,' the bureau of investigation said in a statement.

Since news spread, neighbours and people in nearby communities have poured out to help the search, bring food and support family members who are holding together reasonably well, said Decatur County Mayor Michael Smith.

Country singer Whitney Duncan has sent out a prayer through Twitter for the safe return of her missing cousin Holly Bobo.