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To do this you simply install the HMA app from Play Store, then open it, select the geo you want to spy on, connect to the VPN, then go to pornhub and see what banner ads come up. your AM hits you up and says there’s a hot new global CPI offer called Acme Speed Up! You immediately jump on APPANNIE and see what the top are 20 apps right now in the utilities category are. Next, you want to pick which apps have your competitors ads on them (lets just say for laughs which apps have clean master advertising) NOTE: If you don’t already have an android phone, then you can pick up a cheap one on or local craiglists. #1) Open Google Play Store on your phone by clicking its icon #2) Click on the Magnifying glass to search #3) Type in the name of the app from your list, and tap search on your keypad.

#4) After you located the app, open it’s page and tap the INSTALL button #5) Repeat the above steps for all of the apps you’ve written down until all 20 is installed.

Basically you’d want to check what kind of banners run on specific placements in the geo the offer you want to promote accepts.

In our case its a global offer so we’d want to test it in a few tier 1 countries, a few tier 2 countries, a few tier 3 countries.

My spy tool of choice is WRW (get it here) for this.

The quick method is good, but the time consuming method #1 I talked about is way more accurate, and solid.

The more data you have the more solid plan you can make.

I’d install the top 20 apps app annie showed me, check out whats running on them using the steps above, and then figure out which one would be most suitable for my offer (i’d look for competition/same offer that im promoting being advertised – because if someone is already advertising it on a placement, chances are that is where my demo is) If you don’t have an android phone, and don’t want to spend too much time spying – a quick way to get insight whats running on a specific placement is to use a spy tool.

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I use all of these tools below myself every time I spy and my friends – the best of the best like Charles Ngo & Finch use ’em too! Similar Web to find who is sending most volume to tracking link/offer landing page 6. The site you have this great opportunity for tons of volume and cheap pricing is on the Pornhub 305×99 banner sizes. Now let’s figure out what offers are currently running on it This method works great to get an idea on what kind of offer types are running on a specific site’s placement.Also make note of the angles, and the look and feel of the banners. Taking these ideas, and using it as a jumping board is a great way to find success fast; never steal – just take an idea lets say a design and change it a little bit, improve it, then test it.Take the angles (the text written on the banners) and reword it so it has the same meaning, try different variations – you’d be surprised how a little change can mean a huge difference in CR!WRW is very lucrative tool, I don’t know of any other one for mobile atm that is as good.By doing a simple lookup you can quickly find out what angles, banner design styles and banner sizes work best for an offer. #1) Login to WRW, and click on By Advertiser #2) Type in the box press search #3) Click on banner ads in the left column #4) Next select sort by Ad Strength #5) And look at the banner sizes that come up.