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I made a point to hang out longer at work events, comment on people’s reading choices on the train and engage more with my neighbors.

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We pleaded for each other to hang out five minutes longer and finished each other’s sentences before they even started. Even though I’m an introvert, all of my newfound alone time made me feel like I was “The Only Living (Girl) in New York.” I longed for the company of my old roommates, and the distance of my other hometown friends began to hit me. After some trial and error, here’s what I found worked best: Just say something.

(You know that exaggerated breath right before someone starts talking? ‘‘ I would hear myself think during social gatherings.

The group collectively murmured, “Noooooo,” anytime the story began to take a turn. To break the tension at the end of every story, one of the guests would say, “And he’s here tonight. ” Brooklyn began to feel like home again that night. Large social gatherings where I didn’t know many guests used to give me the cold sweats.

It’s tricky to insert yourself into conversations (those excruciating minutes smiling at the edge of the circle!