Summer glau and thomas dekker dating

Her model number is indeterminate, but evidence suggests she was likely a custom job created for maximum effectiveness as an infiltration cyborg (nailed it). Glau's Cameron creates that same engaging ambiguity for viewers, but does it even better.A one-note murder machine just hanging around Team Connor for 31 episodes could have been nothing but dead weight, but instead, Cameron is the one to watch in every scene.She exits entirely for him, and in return he cares for, teaches, and confides in her.Those in more romantic circles might say that sure looks a lot like love.Her complex dynamic with Sarah makes for excellently tense confrontations between a human and machine destined never to understand one another.

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It gives us the classic Connor pairing of Sarah (Lena Headey) and John (Thomas Dekker), and this time they're alive and mostly well, but living in the year 2007, which means the second projected J-Day event didn't go down. ) And who's stepping in to fill the role of supreme guardian left vacant by a molten metal T-800?

Cameron, on the other hand, will be at John's side as his forever-protector as long as there's juice pumping through her chip, and that means his trust in her is crucial.

John can sleep at night because he knows he's got metal to protect him from metal, which is something not even a mother's love can provide.

Sarah is John's mom and essential to his survival, i.e.

essential to the survival of the future Resistance, but her humanity dooms her to being only a temporary presence in his life.