Men mixed messages dating

The very moment you’re confused and don’t understand the signals he’s giving you, you’re going to call him up and talk to him about it. You’re not going to talk to your friends, and you’re not going to email me.

You’re going to tell him you’re picking up mixed signals and you want to know where you stand.

I also care about the friends you’re driving crazy every time you see them because you don’t stop going on about this man. Don’t waste all your social time trying to figure out what a man is thinking. I’m going to show you exactly what to do when a man gives you mixed signals.

Once you know the “secret” you’ll never be left wondering what he’s thinking again.

Stop wasting your time guessing what he’s thinking and just ask him!

It can also be that though he is close to you but he is only willing to be friend and nothing more than that.

He is not really after a relationship kind of thing it happens most of the times what you think is a potential crush but the other person thinks differently.

It may be he is new to the place with only fewer known people around him.

Suddenly he finds you and gets close spending lots of time together.