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Who knows what will happen in the future, but man, I love being around him. I am a Cancer woman and have been with a Libra man for just over 2 months. The problem is he does not consider my feelings, he is selfish ad it always has to be his way. He tells me he would do something but he never does and puts all down to his busy life.It feels really good I am a Cancer woman dating a Libra man. I am a Cancer woman and was involved with a Libra man for a little over two years. I gave him everything he needed, but I realized that he had the slightest idea as to what I needed. He constantly had to have someone to feed his ego, but didn't really realize when I needed some attention too. Sex with him is great, we both love it and I feel that is the only thing that brings us together, but is it enough.Libra men are not selfish trust me im a Sagittarius who's dated enough Libras to kno)I've also had a Cancer friend who's dated a Libra for a year and a have and they were having problems.she thought he didn't know what he want and that he was selfish and he thought he was giving his best that she wasn't accepting the way he is. And until you let go of this negative, self-fulfilling prophecy, you’re going to keep perpetuating that same cycle of desperation, need, and abandonment. If she doesn’t like the way he texts, calls, communicates, kisses, or commits, she can dump him at any time.

I am also turned off by him always sugar coating everything and trying to keep the peace. im a Cancer teenage girl here and my boyfriend is Libra guy... Its a lot of sexual aggression there on both our parts. Instead of seeing yourself as this low self-esteem, sad, put-upon girl who throws herself at unavailable men only to discover that, in fact, they’re unavailable, how about you flip the script? When I started reading the letter I could identify with that feeling in many ways, and “not wanting to be alone” lead me to tolerate things I shouldn’t have and to act in ways that didn’t make me feel proud of myself. In other words, you need a complete mindset reboot. A confident woman knows there’s always another guy out there, and therefore, never worries about getting rid of disappointing men. You have what I call intern energy – you’re desperate for a job, you’ll take anything, you’ll work for free – and, as a result, no one values you. Start valuing yourself now and watch men follow suit.Anytime I would bring up saving money, paying off bills or want to talk about something emotional he would literally close down, which would make me upset because I was trying to tell him w hat I needed. I have now separated from this guy and am dating a Capricorn, guess what he is everything I was looking for in a partner.And I would get even more upset when I found out he would talk to outsiders about his feelings in reference to our relationship and not me. Then are selfish and they are oblivious to other people's needs. He listens to me, we talk and do things together and he makes time for me.

Dating relationship advice compatible sex friendship