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Tours Docent tours meet in the lobby of the Historic Landmark Building and feature highlights of the permanent collection. When a relationship develops between the Boy and the Protector’s wife, Agnès, she compels him to reveal their clandestine love within his illustrations.

Both passion and violence erupt in the household; all the while, a mysterious cluster of angels watches the story unfold.

SENSITIVE GUYS A World Premiere by MJ KAUFMAN Directed by Evren Odcikin January 19 - February 11, 2018 In the safe spaces of a small liberal arts college, the student-led Men’s Peer Education Group works in tandem with the campus Women’s Survivor Support Group on their three-point surefire plan to totally eradicate all sexual violence everywhere within five years. But when an incident occurs between one of the men and women from each group, it threatens to unravel fundamental beliefs and shake the university to its foundation. Come for an in-depth look at the Kimmel Center's architecture.

Inter Act Core Playwright alum MJ Kaufman’s biting social satire casts female identifying and gender non-conforming people as both male and female students trying to understand what it really means to stand up against the patriarchy. This walk along the Avenue of the Arts allows you to view the Center in the context of the cityscape. The current museum building (Historic Landmark Building) opened in 1876.

First read "Change the Way You Talk to God." The next day read, "Fresh Air." Use the provided questions to reflect on the way you currently pray. You'll start a journal to consider how God shows up in your life through everyday moments.

The recording was recognized as one of the top 10 best albums of 2016 by the Chicago Tribune and was highly ranked on 3 Billboard Jazz charts.Often, as we crawl into bed at night, we realize we never met God during our day. That said, you could easily talk through the content with a group of others.Simply do the study on your own, and then gather together once a week to talk through your main takeaways.As such, it is recognized as an important part of America's and Philadelphia's architectural heritage.The collection is installed in a chronological and thematic format, exploring the history of American art from the 1760s to the present.