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And even in the twilight of 2006, as the dawn of modern social media was beginning to encroach upon the quaint instant messaging service as a ubiquitous form of communication, it still had 53 million active users, dwarfing its closest competitors, MSN, Yahoo, and Google Talk.

While AIM thrived, the legacy of its creator, AOL, is one of a storied rise and fall, from once-mighty internet service provider to floundering tech giant to piecemeal communications company to, finally, Oath, the result of an odd-bedfellow wedding to its former nemesis Yahoo as part of a complicated merger carried out by Verizon.

The option of three responses feels limiting until you realize this is exactly how we communicated online.

Our calculated conversations followed the same cycle, the sort of cycle that made the phrase "nm, just chillin, u? I found myself trying to guess what my character was going to type out based on the response I chose.

AOL announced in October that the beloved program would be shutting down for good on December 15 — and broke the news on a Tumblr called AIM Memories, a strong indicator of how firmly relegated to nostalgia AOL Instant Messenger had already become.

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The game perfectly replicates the AIM user interface.AIM paved the way for real time communication as we know it today, and was undoubtedly instrumental in my decision to work at Messenger to further connect our world and enrich the way we communicate with the people and businesses we love. Who could have predicted, when that little yellow running man zoomed onto our screens two decades ago, how far he’d travel by the end?You interact with her by choosing from a list of three responses.AIM was the chat client for a generation, one that left an indelible mark on the way we talk to each other online. It wasn’t the web’s first instant-messaging client — a different one called IRC preceded it by nearly a decade.But it the instant-messaging client that most widely proliferated at a moment when the internet was just starting to become a real part of people’s daily lives.