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In Touch also reports that Jamie Lynn dated Lil Romeo briefly, but there is no allegation that he could be the father of her baby.

Theres also another story that the 16 year-old was the victim of a predatory producer on her Nickelodeon show, Zoey 101, and that the unnamed much older man could be responsible for her pregnancy.

Anyone who actually thinks this is important is encouraging tabloids to exploit celebrities further.

I would love to see all those magazines pulled from newstands. It only encourages tabloids if you pay for their products.

Deeply upset, Jamie Lynn turned to her new male friend for support and advice - and before long, the insider alleges things turned physicial. But Jamie Lynn never contacted him, and his fears turned to hurt. Jamie Lynn is said to be pressuring Casey to marry her, but he is said to be reluctant given their issues and the fact that hes not sure hes the babys father.

Jamie Lynn is reportedly due soon, around March 7, but that may be early as photos in the tabloids make it seem like shes not really showing yet, but its hard to tell with the clothing she wears.

The National Enquirer has an article this week that semi-supports this story.

Among rappers, who often spell it with an apostrophe as "Lil'" or "Li'l" as well as simply "Lil," this moniker is shared by at least a baker's dozen.

So I'm flipping through tv, and hear something about Jamie Lynn Spears and questions of who her father is.

I missed most the story so I look it up on the net, and find a new interesting story involving the Jamie Lynn Spears, Lil Romeo and his entourage, and a country girl getting passed around. urn=ncaab,68713 "A friend of rapper Lil Romeo supposed had a fling with Jamie Lynn Spears last year and is worried that he might be the father of her baby-to-be.

News, Jamie and her mother Lynne headed out to a local nail salon in their hometown of Kentwood earlier on Friday in preparation for the big ceremony, with the bride-to-be looking cute and casual in a red sweatshirt and shorts.

We’ve always thought that the Spears girls were homebirds at heart, and here Jamie Lynn’s outfit proves it - her red sweater is repping her and her sister’s Mississippi high school Park Lane.