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In fact, the average sexually active older couple has sex six times a month.

“But, even though you can’t get pregnant, condoms are always recommended if you or your partner is having sex with multiple partners,” says Hague.

Joint replacement surgery and drugs may relieve this pain.Plus, they’re better able to verbalize what makes them feel good in bed.” Another bonus?The biggest predictor of an active sex life in old age is how often you have sex in your 40s. While menopause means relief from uncomfortable periods, it can also get in the way of bedroom bliss: 45 percent of women report pain with intercourse during this time.By Rose Hayes Some experts believe that women hit a sexual peak in their late 30s, but incredible sex can—and should—happen at every age.“A woman's best sex truly can happen at any time,” says Melissa Hague MD, an obstetrician gynecologist (OBGYN) at Wesley Medical Center in Wichita, Kansas.