Alfa romeo speed dating

Edge next around the back for confirmation, courtesy of an enormous low-slung diffuser and quartet of Wurlitzer-like tailpipe cans.

I’ve also been reading Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari this week, the extraordinary tale of where we humans come from (East Africa), how long we’ve been around (2.5 million years!

With that in mind, should our collective day of reckoning come upon us sooner rather than later, we could do a lot worse than jump in an Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, select Race and set the sat-nav for Beachy Head.

Regular readers of this column will be more than aware of my bordering-on-psychopathic aversion to modern sports cars being ridiculously insulated from the innate danger their design and power are intended to conjure up.

Even those Sherlocks who bothered to look at the badge remained bamboozled with regard to everything else. It already looks like a classic, which means it will only look more and more gorgeous as time goes on.

Alfa’s secret to this beguiling shape was not trying desperately to predict the future, while resisting the temptation to scurry back and hide in the shadows of the past.