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My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, in today’s khutbah insha Allah ta’ala we will talk about the importance of parents and some of the Islamic principles and tips that we as parents need to know when we deal with our children.

Parents, they have it inside of them to see their children flourish, to see their children grow.

It is an amazing psychological reality that no human being on the face of this earth wants to see another human better than him except for the father when it comes to his son or the mother when it comes to her daughter.

Money and children, that’s what makes life beautiful for us.

What makes life worth living even for those who don’t believe in a God – for us, of course we have the akhirah but even for those who don’t have any iman, what makes life sweet? And Allah mentions this as a blessing for us, as a blessing that He has given us.

This man is boasting that he is not merciful to his children.But the only time that you will feel happy that someone is better than you is your own son or daughter. That’s my boy, that’s my daughter, he’s done this he’s done that. And this is an amazing psychological reality that Allah created in every one of us.And that is why, as I said, it’s a natural desire to have children.And he’s swearing by Allah, wallahi, and he’s using Allah’s name to feel a sense of pride that I’m so detached from my kids. Do I have any control over your attitude, that Allah has snatched away rahmah from your heart?Is it my fault that you have no rahmah, that you’re boasting that you don’t kiss your own children?