Diabetic dating and singles

Dizziness and light-headedness are other symptoms of hypoglycemia: These can be particularly dangerous if you drive your car a lot.

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Finally, when the liver malfunctions it allows the pancreas to produce too much insulin—which causes low blood sugar. ACRES USA: Why does hypoglycemia cause so many problems? REAMS: The liver malfunction causes low blood sugar.

If the disease makes you difficult to work with, it must make you almost impossible to live with. That of course adds to the victim’s lack of energy and nervousness.

ACRES USA: What are the other symptoms of hypoglycemia? The inability to tolerate even mildly loud noises is another.

If they do go to a doctor, in many cases they won’t get relief beyond an aspirin because the doctors simply aren’t trained to spot it. In hypoglycemia, the liver malfunction affects you in several ways.

To begin with, the liver is supposed to stabilize your blood sugar in several different ways: by storing sugar when there’s too much and releasing it when more is needed; by maintaining the right chemical balance for insulin—which is essential for proper maintenance of blood sugar levels; and by regulating the production of insulin by the pancreas.