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Needless to say, this no-bullshit approach did not work.Unwavering in my attempt to stick my strap-on dildo where the sun don’t shine, I approached him again in December with a more sensitive strategy: “Just because I want to pack your fudge and you let me doesn’t mean you are a fudge packer, baby.” I thought assuring him I wouldn’t think he was gay, but rather a try-anything-sexual would work for sure. “I know,” he replied, “I just don’t want a dick in my butt.Let him know that while you believe his story about thinking you were awake the first time, you find it odd that instead of going out of his way to foster nocturnal comfort and trust, he decided to jerk off in bed right next to you while you slept. Wouldn’t he be a little embarrassed about his behavior after the first incident?Wouldn’t he want you to feel comfortable in his presence? If it were just the sex-while-sleeping bit, that’s weird enough; but as you said, the combination of these two things in quick succession is bizarre and doesn’t bode well for him or your relationship.It’s not going to feel good.” With this important information, I devised a more detailed put-it-in-the-pooper plan.In January, sounding oh so scientific (and as cute as can be), I spouted off some knowledge gleaned from this very site: “The prostate gland is similar in size and shape to a walnut.If it were I, I wouldn’t share a bed with him again until I felt that some trust had been re-established in the relationship.Depending on my feelings for the guy, I might even dump him and MOA now.

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The P-spot is your best friend and you’re ignoring him. “Maybe…” After a month of many talks about how to travel the brown brick road, we agreed that purchasing a vibrating anal plug would be the best way to get things started. We rushed home, stripped off our clothes and jumped into bed. I started slow and soft, in and out, in and out, then applied a bit more pressure. The longer I sat there on my knees behind him, the more I felt like I should be wearing latex gloves and a lab coat; perhaps throw in a clipboard and stethoscope as well. It felt far too formal for my liking, and I could tell by his silence and his face in the mirror behind our bed that he was not enjoying the ride. “Let’s try a different approach.” We sat for a few minutes and discussed what would feel good.

But you have several months invested and maybe you feel strongly enough for him to give him another chance.

Still, consider these acts two red flags and proceed with caution.

He is caring and sweet, very nice….wondering about other persons’ opinions!

— Sleep Issues Be honest with your boyfriend that his recent behavior — the combination of sexing you up while you were asleep and then masturbating next to you a few days later while you were asleep again — creeps you out.