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And before you know it, we have a full-fledged civil war, with everyone forced to choose which side they're on, often without knowing all -- or ANY -- of the real facts. Here's more info on some of the stuff you'll find here at Orgasmanic: PROFILES: Click on someone's name to see their profile, view their pics, learn more about them, and even send them a private message (PM).Make sure to click on the Profile dropdown menu to update your own profile and add some pics (nudity is not only allowed, it's highly encouraged! FYI, you can easily view ALL member pics in our member pics gallery by clicking Members - Member Pics.

I also know that there sometimes lacks a little, ummm, artistic quality to the pictures.Often fantasized about sex with complete anonimity.I hear there are no more glory hole except by word of mouth. I would probably see one and run but it's a nice fantasy...I am not saying it is bad, but sometimes I would like to see something a little classier or creative.So, what do people prefer to see when guys take pics?