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Custen, in Bio/Pics: How Hollywood Constructed Public History (1992), regards the genre as having died with the Hollywood studio era, and in particular, Darryl F. Bingham also addresses the male biopic and the female biopic as distinct genres from each other, the former generally dealing with great accomplishments, the latter generally dealing with female victimization.

Ellen Cheshire's Bio-Pics: a life in pictures (2014) examines UK/US films from the 1990s and 2000s.

Will our children really want to watch a TV show in which the characters do nothing but stare at their phones all day? Name: Monica Geller Location: the cleanest kitchen Occupation: Chef I am…

Dating is a part of many classic TV shows, but how would they function in our current online era?

Each chapter reviews key films linked by profession and concludes with further viewing list.

Roger Ebert defended The Hurricane and distortions in biographical films in general, stating "those who seek the truth about a man from the film of his life might as well seek it from his loving grandmother. The Hurricane is not a documentary but a parable." Some biopics purposely stretch the truth.

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