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Nick Hi TDM, yes I remember you..of the good guys along with Luke, Alfasod/Pat and Keith and the rest, more that I can say for that tit Fabio but I suppose every forum has one!

Surely she's worth keeping just for nostalgia reason???

If love to keep it, I took it to Alfa Aid today as they are willing to help me sell, but then they asked me if I wanted them to keep it so I could come off the insurance and the next thing you know we are talking about long term storage options and I told them to hold fire.

Hi all, I'm sad I didn't know about this forum restarting earlier.

I was on the original gtvv6 forum and was around until sportsalfa closed down. It's been an amazing companion and we've had brilliant times together but I'm more dating goodbye, hence trying this url as I'm on a nostalgia trip right now.

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