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The 2018 Winter Olympics are upon us, and thanks to the massive success of the Oscar-nominated film "I, Tonya," all eyes are on the figure skating competition.

While fans of the sport have come to expect a certain amount of pageantry in figure skating costumes - the more sequins and shimmery lamé, the better - it turns out that the bedazzled ensembles of today have not always been favored by Olympians.

spacing, but there are two thicknesses and two hole sizes availabl... - Provided by Pop Sugar" / Washington, DC-based fast-casual chain Cava Grill is expanding its delicious empire.

After raising million in Series C funding from a venture-capital firm backed by AOL cofounder Steve Case in 2017, the chain has set its sights on rapid-fire expansion.

The past 10,000 years have seen rapid skeletal and dental evolution in human populations and the appearance of many new genetic responses to diets and disease (4).

In such a transient, large population, size increases the rate and effectiveness of adaptive responses.

We hypothesized that correlations would be higher for mean winter temperatures (January in the Northern Hemisphere and July in the Southern Hemisphere) than for mean summer temperatures.

They contend that greater intelligence is needed to adapt to a colder climate so that, over many generations, the more intelligent members of a population are more likely to survive and reproduce.

Their temperature and IQ analyses have been descriptive rather than quantitative, however.

We visited one of the New York locations to see if the much-hyped chain has what it takes to expand across the nation." data-src="" role="presentation" src="//static-entertainment-neu-s-msn-com.akamaized.net/sc/9b/e151e5.gif" title="Cava Grill, a popular Mediterranean chain, is expanding at breakneck speed.

Appendix 1: Major theories supporting the evolution of population specific difference in cognition Selection due to differences in Population Density Cochran and Harpending, 2009.