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One day, someone will write about how ancient the Web looked back in 2012 and marvel at how backwards we were. Do you have any other interesting old websites to share?

Apple’s website from 1997 seems like it’s about a completely different company from the Apple we know today.

But even back then, Apple was pushing mobile devices – the e Mate 300 in this case, which used Apple’s Newton platform.

(It was a flop.)Google didn’t even have a website in 1997, so I’m cheating a bit here by showing you the page from 1998. Here’s a little-known fact: the only reason Google started with such a simple design is because they didn’t have a webmaster or anyone that knew HTML. Yahoo was a pretty basic search engine and directory back then, nothing like the jam-packed front page it would become.

But then, Yahoo just couldn’t be cluttered back then.