Itunes smart playlist live updating

This way, every night while your Apple Watch is charging, it will update and sync, and your new music purchases (or whatever you choose to sync) will be included the next morning.The last thing you'll need to do is open the Apple Watch app on your i Phone and choose Music.Keep the default setting: Match music for the following rules.You'll only need to create one rule: Under the first drop-down menu, choose Date Added.For those who add new albums less frequently, perhaps two or three years would be a better selection.The key to making sure you max out the limit on your Apple Watch is the next step: Check the Limit to box, enter 2 in the space next to it, and then select GB in the drop-down menu.But if you want to ensure that the latest additions to your library are automatically available on your watch, i Tunes Smart Playlists may be the solution you need.Open i Tunes on your Mac or PC, and choose File, then New, then Smart Playlist.

Under Storage Limit, choose 2.0 GB, assuming you aren't opting for the 250-song limit.

This is because the Apple Watch is limited to a maximum of 2 gigabytes of music, or 250 songs.

For us, 2 gigabytes worked out to 265 songs, so going with capacity gets us the most out of our Apple Watch.

As you can see in the above screenshot I have my playlist sorted by ‘Date Added’ which is exactly how I want things ordered.

Once I synced my i Phone playlist showed my music sorted by ‘Date Added’ as well.