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Idealized qualities, lives built on fantasy, and a perfect future together is all they can think about.

Each one insists that the other one is the greatest person they have ever met.

Real love is shown in loving acts – over and over – with no one keeping score.

Real love responds to the needs of the other, flowing effortlessly from one day to the next.

Song Joong Ki sat down for an interview with SBS's 'One Night in TV Entertainment', and the interviewer asked questions about his current relationship status.

Song Joong Ki boldly responded, " on set which caused the interviewer to blush heavily in the aftermath. Netizens are speculating that since he revealed his dating techniques, he might not be seeing someone now.

Most men out there are unhappy with the size of their members and hence, try to do whatever they can to turn the situation around.

Do you know the difference between real and counterfeit love?

Real love evolves into service, thought, care, and sincere emotions for the other. Nothing else exists for them except the other person. Projection Fake love is based primarily on physical intimacy and what two people assume about each other.When this chemical high wears off, the true picture of the person emerges. They can see no problems; they cannot see characteristics that may create disharmony in the future; they cannot imagine any imperfections in the other one.Just like any counterfeit object or characteristic, it can be tricky to know and identify the real from the fake.Sometimes, even experts can’t tell what is genuine and what is not.