Updating graphics bios in linux

The BIOS section of the manual will tell you what you need to know about the BIOS settings.If you're unsure, you can almost always find help on one of the computer forums like the Major Geeks forum.This is the first page you'll see when you get into this particular BIOS. Other computer manufacturers produce their own BIOS software/firmware.

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Most all interaction uses the up/down arrows, the page up/down buttons and the ENTER key.To get to the BIOS screen, you have to follow the instructions when the computer just starts to boot.For many motherboards, you hit the delete key to enter the BIOS.The Super Recovery allows you to partition off the drive in a way that nothing can access it from the OS (nothing -- not partitioning software or malware -- nothing).It is supposed to offer the highest level of protection for your data. It allows you to increase the speed of the processor but you have to be careful.