Lister engine dating

As well as a cornucopia of spares, stationary engine enthusiasts will be delighted to find rare and otherwise difficult to source items that will add interest and maybe even value to their collections.Those who collect, use or simply admire stationary engines will be very familiar with the brand names available.It is in "my opinion " not a D because no lister D was made with a cross flow head except an experimental engine built in 1928 engine number 85606 which was never put in to production .After the experiments were done the engine was converted back to a standard specification and then sold in the normal way .Unlike the landrovers etc you both mention this had only been modified by using standard Lister parts such as the cross flow head.

One of my flywheels had the a date plate screwed onto the casting pattern, the other has no date and no sign that anything was ever fixed to the pattern.

i’m looking out for a good buy something that is not too much of a challenge to restore but something that i can get my head round and understand the engine. doug hero member posts: i am a complete newbie to stationary engines, but i’m keen to learn.

Stationary engine forum is a website which with contributions from its visitors will give everyone a.

[QUOTE=Burtle;35978]I'd never trust Lister ID plates,,,, this is supposed to be a standard D. How many times have you picked up a number '5' number punch and mis-read it as a '2' ?

: D Apart from that, it looks OK, 1952 engine, serial 5657 etc.