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Art can be an especially sensual date idea if you focus on drawing something you're attracted to in your partner, such has his hands or his profile.Taking time to play together will refuel your spark—and maybe even uncover a hidden talent.We're not talking about a mere chuckle, but a full-belly roar.If your guy first attracted you with his humor—but you feel like it's a little lacking in your relationship lately—check out a live comedy show.Another good bet is challenging him to hit balls with you at the batting cages—fun challenges are sexy.Think fast: When was the last time you had a good laugh together?

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Surprise him by signing up for a private sunset stand-up paddelboarding (SUP) lesson.

SUP is a cross between surfing and kayaking: You stand on a board with a paddle to navigate calm water.

Many studios have classes that supply the paint and canvas as well as well as the expert instruction.

Plus, plenty let you bring your own wine and snacks.

Dating ideas for men