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My clients want to add some frames in an antique gold finish on the wall opposite the cherry blossom tree mural. One of the scrolled oval frames is actually compressed foam.

You didn’t think I was done with that job, did you? I’m headed over this weekend to add some more flowers and ‘magic’. Today’s about creating an antique gold faux finish. So they show me the above pic and say they’ve been looking everywhere for frames that match. Four trips to three different thrift shops, but I scored great frames at rock-bottom prices. I thought I could get away with a basecoat of gold spray paint but the gold was too light and too .

If you don’t use the clear wax first, your dark wax will stick to everything, and you won’t be able to wipe it away very easily. You can add another clear wax layer after sanding if you want, but I find that I can just rub over the entire project and spread out the wax I added before.

Also, if you want a more buffed project, wait 24 hours and use your lint-free cloth to buff the entire project.

Although I'm keeping our Fall decor a little more simple this year, I did take some time to update some accessories, mirrors, a lamp and even refinished a buffet.

I love to garage sale shop, and I found this mirror at a sale recently for . ) It’s hard to tell in the pictures, but it’s HUGE! Once it’s dry (20-30 mins for this project), you can add the wax. It’s expensive, but it makes the waxing a much easier process.

I brush on the wax and then go back through with a lint-free cloth (aka: my husbands old t-shirts) and rub away the extra.

So this year, to balance out our living space, I added in a few more gold touches by updating the finish on a few existing pieces like these mirrors...

Again - I laughed when I was painting this mirror last year - from silver to gold - because it was gold originally...