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"At home, we talk about things like the electric bill and the kids' homework.

But when we were out to dinner with another couple recently, I saw that they were [held] rapt by her every word.

So even if you were sparring over whose turn it is to clean the toilet just before you left the house, when you're talking to your friends, you'll most likely find that you present a united front — whether it's about politics, favorite vacation spots or what kind of toppings to get on the pizza for dinner.

"I work with a lot of couples who are having problems in their relationships, and sometimes, the best thing they can do is go on a double date," says Kerner.

It made me remember that this was part of the reason I fell for her in the first place." Levine explains: "When we're in social situations, different aspects of our personalities emerge — and that can be sexy!

There are other complications to do with calculation of leap years, and changeover from Julian to Gregorian calendars, but I believe I've covered the primary usage of 'double dates'.Instead of rolling your eyes or checking your cell phone, suddenly, you're laughing and finishing each other's sentences."I talk to a lot of couples who are dealing with some kind of relationship boredom and they even find date night kind of boring," says Ian Kerner, Ph.I think it had something to do with the suit I was wearing." You may have heard that story about your guy and his college friends getting arrested on a scavenger hunt a million times, while he can repeat the story about the time you cut Chris Noth off in line at Whole Foods verbatim.But when you're on a double date, those same old stories suddenly become hilarious anecdotes because the other couple hasn't heard them yet.