Who is ryan sheckler dating right now

It might suck at the time, but it's way more powerful to know that you didn't give someone invalid information that could end up hurting them or getting them into a situation that they didn't account for. That's something I've been working on a ton: Taking a deep breath before you open up your mouth. That's how I got into so much controversy with skating, because I had opinions on things but most of those opinions should've been kept to myself.

These reactions and these spider web effects of our actions, can be avoided by simply just showing love. When you want to say something or you have something negative to say to somebody and then you bite your tongue and acknowledge that you just bit your tongue and you're not going to say it then someone in the room next to you says exactly what you wanted to say to that person and you don't even have to be involved in it. Follow Ryan Sheckler's latest exploits on Instagram here.

Yeah, I was just so over that because I love skateboarding so much, and it is so pure to me. I wanted skateboarders to look at me as a skateboarder. All of my friends got to be a part of it, we did a clothing line from it and got to start the Sheckler Foundation. I just went into defense mode - that was all I knew. You've accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. You're going to go to the club and take a drunk girl home. When I see laziness or I see people complaining about their beautiful lives, it really bothers me.

Then to have my peers and people I seriously looked up to, talking sh*t about me and the show, I went into instant anger mode. I started feeling like skateboarding was against me. Was MTV tripping that you would just walk away from it? Years later I got a hold of him and told him I was sorry. I'm out in the streets constantly filming for my Etnies part. I owe a lot of that to training four days a week for the past year and a half religiously. You've been involved in skating since you were a little kid, the TV show, the Sheckler Foundation. I've learned how to express that frustration in words that people can relate to and somewhat go like, "Oh, damn.

'cause while he came in 3rd at the X Games, TMZ Sports has photographic proof that he's dating a gold medal hottie.

And somewhere else, someone is laughing for their last time.But it’s hard to laugh when you take everything so serious all the time, so lighten up! Laughter exists, and it’s a gift that no one can take away from you. I guess when you’re one of the greatest skateboarders of all time like Ryan Sheckler and you’re still just 25 it kind of makes sense that you’d have a SILLY HOT girlfriend like Mia Bonde.Sheckler, who as you can see from the medal above, finished in 3rd place in the Men’s Skateboard Street at the X Games, should have no problem consoling himself with the gorgeous Mia Bonde by his side.