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Only thing is, she's as terrified of ghosts as most people, and watching her freak out and be terrified is oddly hilarious.Finally, the night closed with an ad for Geoff's Halloween Emporium.Another pre-recorded sketch about ghost hunting shows was short, sweet and to the point.Newly added cast member Leslie Jones (who had been a writer before getting added to the cast this season) plays a "skeptic" on a team of paranormal researchers.(Note: Live when host James Franco shot a mouthful of stage blood, mama bird-style, right into her mouth."You fucking traumatized me," she told Franco afterward.Just a demon Elvis singing about pecan pie, non-stop, forever.Maybe it actually gave an insight into what hell is like.

It's not like he told jokes that just didn't land, there were no jokes.

After Bill Hader's return last episode, it seemed unlikely that any guest would top him for at least a few weeks, but Carrey's segments were (mostly) solid, and didn't rely on playing fan-favorite characters.

For more than 40 years, the cast of Saturday Night Live have cracked us up with their hilarious skits, music videos, and fake commercials.

Her inspired take on Jeff Sessions -- replete with Gump-isms in this cold open -- merits special appreciation. The Weekend Update co-host (and newly appointed co-head writer!

) tackled his critics by going "undercover" as Gretchen, a super-liberal white woman. Episode date: December 9 This year was a generally batshit-crazy year.