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I didn’t go out with him, or any other Indian guys, for a few months after that.

But when I finally did I had a much better experience.

I have never really been to Githurai though I have driven past a couple of times.

It is just an overcrowded estate with cheap housing.

Him: (Laughing) Where I come from, they only have bullets, guns, bombs, khat and prostitutes.

the two of us have kind of had this will-they-won't-they burgeoning office romance going; I'm really trying to impress her so could you help me out a little bit?

Her blog is one of the top 50 travel blogs in the world based on traffic.

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But because I’m the first white guy to see it, I have discovered it and I have named it Mount Kenya!! But the thing about peace is that people forget to live, you know? It takes him a whopping five minutes to conclude his business and get back inside the car.

Him: Gravity existed before Newton noticed that apples don’t fly around in the air when they are thrown up but they come hurtling down to the ground. Then comes a white guy who sees it and says; drumroll; “There lies a huge mountain that the natives don’t give a shit about. And that’s OK because you have lived an entire lifetime. The moment I step off the car, I’m hit by such a strong stench that I instinctively fall back.