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He is also one of the founding members of Gramercy Tavern in New York City.He rose into prominence after being honored by the James Beard Foundation Awards. He is married to Lori Silverbush; this is also a renowned name in the film industry as she is the filmmaker. They also have three children together and all of them are sons.Edit Tom Colicchio full name Thomas Patrick "Tom" Colicchio is a renowned chef from United States.He has also made his appearance in some television shows which are more related to the cooking. Edit After the establishment of his own restaurant he has accomplished lots of things in his life.

Of course it’s very lucrative to one’s career to have a platform on TV, but they’re on national TV and they are followed by seven or eight cameras in that kitchen. If the food isn’t good, they’re eliminated.” Tom Colicchio had more pointed words — in response to Bret Thorn’s comments, he told us that the show’s viewers are very passionate about food, and he’s offended that some would dismiss them just because they can’t go into a fancy restaurant and eat.We asked Colicchio what he thought about David Chang and others who’ve complained about the show’s effect on young chefs: I don’t think there’s any shortcuts to getting there — there’s a vetting process and you’re not going to get through that process if you don’t have some sort of skill.Our industry has changed a lot because of TV and media, and you know, it strikes me as very silly when you get chefs who talk about “back in the day” and “old-school this,” “old-school that.” My feeling is, if you weren’t working in kitchens before 1986, stop talking about “back in the day.” … It’s very easy to badmouth the show if you’re a professional chef because some people look at this as a shortcut to fame …In July 1994, the pair opened Gramercy Tavern, an ambitious experiment intended to reinvent the American concept of four-star dining.Their restaurant soon became one of the hottest eateries in town, earning rave reviews from critics and diners alike.