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I also enjoyed the emphasis on qualitative measurable in the course. Investment banking budle is a very rich and well-structured course.

It is very illuminating and informative, and it prepares you to find a needle in a haystack.

Highly recommend in terms of large scale projects, as this software dose provide a clear effective and efficient way of viewing the dynamic info structures of works required.

Al the things in this corse gives great foundation of what a QA has to know and which skills needs to be improved in order to become a good IT specialist. Well-structured videos providing the freedom to learn in my own pace in order to have a very good understanding in how to create an Income Statement in an Analysis Friendly format from the Income Statement that a company provides in its Annual Report.

With simple explanations of terms laid out in a logical fashion, this course builds on itself over time, and I now feel ready to move onto the next phase of learning.

Excellent Training material along with Comprehensive contents to cover maximum areas for the Topic.

Even though some of the topics are challenging and requires extended time, it really worth the time a spent on these videos. The topics provided adequate coverage of a very broad subject and took the time to detail the history and background of each block of information, providing examples and real-world events which greatly assist in gauging the severity and effectiveness of the various techniques.

This course is a good resource for those who are beginning their journey with SQL or those who wish to view a refresher on the foundational aspects of SQL and database management.

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I have enjoyed the Word Press course and now I feel comfortable to start creating blogs for my customers.

This course can help a bachelor's student get a hold of IB and this can help in the interview preparations. I would recommend it for someone just learning it or can be very useful as a refresher for someone who has already done it. This course is surely a great refresher on the subject at hand.

I recommend this course to everyone looking for this industry. Takes you through how you should think about the topics. The explanations were good, and decent base level understanding on which to build from. I appreciated the breakdown of the lessons, and the ability to pause and to catch up.

The course has been helpful in beginning the finance course.

I am aware of the nitty-gritty of the industry I want to venture into it.

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