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We need to be excited physically about the person we’re with. Could you date a girl 30 pounds overweight with the perfect face? For all the women reading the blog today, I would like you to chime in and tell me if there’s a female equivalent. The face that even in the glow of the i Phone while texting in bed at night, is absolutely amazing. But the problem with that face is it’s attached to a body that when naked doesn’t really do much for you. It leads to a relationship where you’re monitoring their diet, hoping they’ll go to the gym. If you’re a fitness nut, can you date the girl with the perfect face who’s 30 pounds overweight? What if you’re a body person and you’re hit with the most perfect body you’ve ever been with, but the face isn’t exactly what you like, can you do it? And once again for those of you right now that are getting all pissed off because it’s the inside that counts, beauty is on the inside… We all need to be attracted to the person we’re with.Over 90% of the courtship behavior is initiated by the woman - yet almost all men said they made the first move. Men always say how dumb this flirting game is, but fact is, they subconsciously engage in it, too. I was trying to say that our society is so focused on looks.No, the man reacted to what he perceived to be a come-on from the woman. Flirting also is a way of saving face, not having to directly face verbal rejection. Yes, it is important, but don't cross somebody off because they are "not your type".

Most women, even beautiful ones, are down plain without their makeup anyway. Nature made their faces plain, and their skin bland, and most have a greenish tint to them, (I have never met a woman yet with skin as good as mine), but with some face paint, and skin color, they can look well, even if they have an ugly face. There is leeway with their body if they have a pretty face / dazzling smile. And for the record, too skinny is just as bad as too fat, if not worse. I can do with an unnattractive face if there personality is great. I felt it could work, I did like her personality and like anyone, you take time and grow to like that person more. If you are entitled to judge your partner by the "hot body" or "butterface", so can your partner.There might be several explanations for this: a) The person "swinging the fence" has not had enough dating experience to have figured out what is out of his/her league.b) The person knows that s(he) doesn't add up and is playing the numbers-game. I'm not much of a looker, so what do I have to lose?don’t you hate it when you take your wife and son to a carnival on coney island, but it turns out the carnival is owned by your wife’s weirdo ex boyfriend, and then your girl TOTALLY ditches you to sing a 10 minute dirge about how she fucked this butterface that one time, and THEN it turns out your son is actually the uggo’s??? We all would love to have that perfect specimen we’re attracted to, you know? So now I’m going to ask you today, write down below, lets get into a very healthy, non-insulting debate on the blog. And after 20 years of coaching, I’ve discovered the golden keys to success in dating, business, health and wellness, and life.