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Imagine a whole lifetime of ethics, morality, compassion. In changing people’s lives, from self-ingratiating activities that bring harm and unhappiness to themselves and the ones they love, to benefit for themselves, and others and everyone. Some examples of the power of speech of a Buddha, which you can get into more detail in the Lamrim, is when they speak, although they speak one subject, one word, whatever your level of intelligence, it will penetrate your mind and it will hit you. And imagine, the altruistic side forget it, just one day of discipline, of cutting out our delusions and illusions, one day of that. Imagine three days of that, imagine four days, one week, one year, one month. Not lying will, in short, will create a type of speech that when you talk, people will listen. Not only a good speaker – a good speaker is not enough – but a type of speech that transforms people’s minds, transforms people’s lives, transforms people’s inertia, people’s delusions and illusions, and the type of speech that motivates them from doing self-cherishing acts that bring them to more sufferings, to acts that bring them to happiness. It is a type of speech that has the power of truth and altruism from lifetimes, or a life of practices, and a lifetime after lifetime, that when this person speaks, it profoundly moves another person. So that type of speech becomes very very very powerful. Imagine a person with good motivation, good intention, and they speak to benefit others, and they use their speech, their tongue, their teeth, their mouth, their vocal cords, they use their speech in what? And one day of no attachment – no makeup, no hair, no clothes, no, no…nothing, just one whole day. Animals think for themselves, me, me, me, me, me, me. That type of speech comes from lifetime and lifetime and lifetime of telling the truth, and using the speech to benefit others, and using the speech for positive reasons. All you think is others, you don’t think about yourself. When you talk, it changes the brutal mind of a person from that of like an animal, into that of a higher being.Our Word of the Year choice serves as a symbol of each year’s most meaningful events and lookup trends.It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year.

Therefore, they take on this body like a hotel room to use.and the causes for you to have that result, they look at you, they see directly, your previous lives, unlimited. And not only do they see you in the present, they see the past, the present and the future simultaneously, all in one shot. And every single sentient being on this planet, in the universe, in samsara, they perceive directly. Sambhogakaya form is a Buddha’s body in enjoyment form.Exactly what they perceive you, and everything that’s going on, everything that’s moving, everything that is perceivable, , perceivable, they perceive simultaneously. Enjoyment means – not that he runs around enjoying himself – it means a form where it looks like as if he is enjoying himself. So a Tulku, a real Tulku is a high level being, that is emanated from either the Dharmakaya or the Sambhogakaya form of the Buddhas.Anyone who recites these holy words can tap into their source and connect with sacred energy that helps to transform our minds. Yes I just can’t wait, I just can’t wait, I just can’t wait… Now, I’m going to hit on two main reasons, on a profound level, that we do mantras and I’m going to hit on a few general meanings that we do mantras. That is the power of speech of an enlightened being or an advanced being, or a Buddha.Tsem Rinpoche Or view the video on the server at: Words Of Power.mp4 There was a book called by John Blofeld when I read when I was like, 9 or 10 and boy, I memorized every mantra in there. Very famous Sinologist, he was a very great scholar in China and China arts, and a very great devotee of Guan Yin and Tara. He just like, Tara, Tara, Tara, that’s all he talked about. In any case, that is why in the future we have to have a Tara Mystical Treasures. General meanings…no, general purposes that we do mantras that will help us so you can condense this writing into a short one, you can also make it a long one because it will be information for you. One day, if someone tells us, “No meat, you’re gonna be vegetarian for one day”, you’re like, “Ughhh”. She’ll go to the Yoshinoya beef stands and moon them. So when they speak, it isn’t just nice words to pick up a pretty girl.