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Control her with a click of your mouse to dance, strip and even masterbate.The most erotic software in the world at your fingertips. John and Shelli certainly understood what porn was costing them.“Accept an impossible appetite and an impossible standard, and it steals from the true beauty of what marriage is supposed to be,” John says. Who wants to grow old together in a culture where all we honor is what’s young? Pornography doesn’t teach men to serve, honor, and cherish their wives in a way that fosters romance.© Copyright Sociedad Vascongada de Publicaciones, S.

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“It has been troubling and intriguing to me,” reports Dr.

Shelli remembers well the day her husband John called her up to confess his secret obsession with pornography.

Years of guilt, shame, and wasted time had finally taken its toll on John, and the emotional dam broke. “It took me by complete surprise,” she says, “I didn’t have any clue that it was even an issue.” But after the shock came the hurt.

If we receive a steady diet of media that portrays illicit sex as the norm, it is easy to get the impression that “boys will be boys.” How a woman reacts to her husband using pornography is based in part on what she believes healthy sexuality and relationships should look like in the first place.

So, what if, just for a minute, we asked ourselves how our relationships look if we didn’t live in a pornified culture.