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I posted this as a comment, but more people need to see my comparison.So my first post, after lurking for years and only creating this account about 5 months ago.In my house, there is no concept of net neutrality because I control the infrastructure.Our model is that of parent / child in order to teach them that the internet another tool in life to make things easier.Sure there are other things it’s useful for, but that’s a different conversation and not part of this rant.Let’s take this and apply it to the business aspect Internet connectivity is a utility for the most part, and in our home the currency is rewards based around education.

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Ob Unternehmens-Website oder Themen-Site, Internet-Portal, „barrierefreies Internet“ oder „mobile Solutions“. Wir sind erst zufrieden, wenn Screen Design, Informationsarchitektur, Inhalt und Programmierung perfekt ineinander greifen.

Do good in school, your traffic doesn’t get messed with.

When school is out for the summer, the currency is respect and being responsible.

Want to see that porn clip your buds have been talking about? You cannot even circumvent my network rules with VPN (disallowed by default, allowed only by per device) or go to a website by IP address.

I can even redirect websites of my choosing to wherever I want them to go.