Dating a girl out of your league dating an older guy quotes

If you have your eyes set on a hunk, you may be aiming a bit too high, girlfriend.

Of course, if you are physically attractive yourself, you may think that this hottie is in your league but everyone knows that women should date a little below them in the attraction department.

You should set your sights to someone who maybe has life experience too.

If the guy you like has an extremely high-powered job and you’re at the beginning of your career, he’s way out of your league.

You’re busy getting coffee all day and answering phones. There’s a huge difference here and even if he seems like he is interested in you, he's not. You may be someone with high aspirations and a great work ethics but if you’re not on his level career-wise already, he won’t be interested in you. Well, old or new money, family money definitely makes a difference.

If you’re below him in the office, you’re below him in life. If he comes from a respectable family with loads of money in the bank, you won’t be a suitable partner unless you come from the same.

Historically, two people with differing levels of attractiveness haven't been able to date without the assumption that gold-digging is involved.

You could be talking to him and think everything is going great when bam, you realize that he is totally out of your league.You shouldn’t have even been talking to this man goddess to begin with.Fortunately, there are usually signs that he is out of your league so next time, you won’t embarrass yourself by trying to flirt with someone who is so much better than you. Well, there’s a range because there are many, many different reasons as to why a guy could be so out of your league. He could also be out of your league because he’s too smart for you.This is not just a problem in the looks department but also as it is a way of life.If he goes to the gym and eats clean, do you really expect him to date a girl who watches Netflix and eats pizza? If you have jiggly thighs, a dude with a hot body is simply way out of your league.