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what I’ve had a problem with was in my previous businesses I’m very like the business person who…

I can code and I do marketing and I do other things, but I wanted all the metrics.

[Pause for 3 seconds.] Matt: We know founders face unique challenges when they decide to launch a startup. And that question alone is what I have focused on and that, that has been the biggest… So we weren’t growing enough at the rate we wanted to and so we did some analysis and we figured out it was because we didn’t do enough deals, enough specials.

What was the hardest part about launching App Sumo and how did you overcome this obstacle? And so we said all right, what is limiting us from that?

And then now it’s like all right what is limiting us now?

Noah: Yeah, so what did I not know about the business before launching? In terms of, like, scaling the business, it is a thing that no one talks…In terms of the customers and the Sumos, I was surprised…I wasn’t surprised they would buy this stuff because we find we’re very picky. And when I say that I mean what comes intuitively or easy for you and what’s been difficult and how do you manage that?Like, I don’t put anything out on App Sumo that I wouldn’t personally endorse, and so I was surprised that people buy things that, like, all right, they buy one thing and then they buy something kinda opposite and I was like, “All right, that’s kind of neat.” Matt: Lots of people admire entrepreneurs because they appear to make starting companies look easy and we know it can be difficult. Noah: I think I’m probably one of the best people ever at stage one business, which is making things happen.Like, for some reason I can bring people together, [] I can get things accomplished and I will very, very effectively make things happen quickly.