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and so what I have found helpful in doing that is saying all right, well what am I struggling with, right, and breaking that out.All right, so I’m struggling with strategy, so I brought in Andrew Chen. Another thing has been just build business acumen: hiring people, morale, so I have been reading a lot of books around that.[Pause for 3 seconds.] Matt: We know founders face unique challenges when they decide to launch a startup. And that question alone is what I have focused on and that, that has been the biggest… So we weren’t growing enough at the rate we wanted to and so we did some analysis and we figured out it was because we didn’t do enough deals, enough specials.What was the hardest part about launching App Sumo and how did you overcome this obstacle? And so we said all right, what is limiting us from that?And this is three months ago [] that was our biggest obstacle.And so I said, “All right, well, it’s because we only have one sales Sumo.” Okay, that’s the biggest obstacle, and so then we spent, we focused on getting another person to remove that bottleneck.I’d say the big takeaway for the people watching is what we found very helpful for us is thinking about strategy more, which I’ve never really done as much, and so that’s been extremely helpful.I think we’ve [about four or five] extra business just because we’ve done more strategy than tactics, and the second thing that has been very helpful is thinking about things as a system and a process.

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I wasn’t surprised they would buy this stuff because we find we’re very picky. And when I say that I mean what comes intuitively or easy for you and what’s been difficult and how do you manage that?And then now it’s like all right what is limiting us now?It’s spending enough money on advertising, and so it’s like we need to find someone in advertising.And what I’ve learned in kind of the second stage of our business where we validated it, is what are the obstacles in separating myself from the business so I can see what is limiting us.So in the beginning it was getting deals, and then we moved past that because, you know, I hired someone.