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The letters, exchanged between a cryptographer and linguist, span decades.But as the secret behind the code becomes apparent, you'll be faced with a moral choice. The game can be made accessible with some small adjustments and we're very happy to help - please let us know upon booking. Cambridge Codebreakers is based on the hit Citydash game in London - but this time there'll be nobody chasing you (and no running in the museum! We'll keep the pressure up with twists & turns, surprise clues and timed challenges, but you won't need your running shoes for this one. We'll send you a link to set up your team, along with full details of where to meet and what to expect! We make it easy - once you have your first ticket we'll send you a special link so your friends can buy their own and join you.You'll have competition from up to twenty other teams of Codebreakers at the same time. The game will run across the Fitzwilliam Museum, Museum of Classical Archaeology, Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences and Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. Any questions, please contact Fire Hazard Games: [email protected] phone 020 3322 7086 By taking part in the game, you agree to the following T&Cs.The last references a closely-held secret, but it’s written in an unbreakable code.The code refers to a series of artefacts spread out across space and time.