Intimidating volleyball names

What they likely didn’t understand, and what an aerodynamic engineer will appreciate, is that the dimples were creating turbulence in the airflow around the moving ball, which makes its wake (the air behind the ball) thinner and reduces drag, enabling the ball to travel farther. When struck by a club, all golf balls have backspin.It’s what gets a well-struck iron shot to land and stop on the green, and too much of it off the driver reduces distance.We're not as open and friendly as we used to be to the people who live in the vicinity of our home — many neighbors prefer to stick to themselves these days — but that doesn't mean that everyone is a Scrooge.I'm an outgoing guy by nature, so it's always my policy to introduce myself to my neighbors whenever I've moved.We wish to thank the USGA for the golf ball historical primer.Visit for other interesting golf-related information. Accidental discovery is why golf balls travel farther than any other ball.Last fall, we asked you, our readers, to submit sport-related questions you wanted answered.

Even newer golfers can benefit from playing a better ball.

Moving to a new town is exciting, but it also can be intimidating.

The physical move and subsequent unpacking is stressful enough; then you have to set up a whole new life, which requires weeks of your time, money, and energy.

Most of the time a simple hello will lead to an initial conversation if you and your neighbors cross paths as you're moving in, but if that opportunity doesn't present itself, don't be afraid to knock on doors to let your neighbors know that you're new around these parts.

If you're feeling particularly friendly, maybe you could host a mini meet-and-greet one early evening where you'll serve snacks and cocktails and get to know one another.