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But the 52-year-old politician has vehemently denied the allegations, saying that he rejected her advances when she launched herself at him in the upper class section of the Virgin Atlantic flight.

Dillon, who snapped pictures of the politician in the Upper Class section of the plane, told The Sun: 'Mr Farage was glued to her hip at the bar.

Nigel needs to put his man pants on, be an adult and not make out I'm some desperate attention-seeker or whatever.' One of her friends told the Sun that Ms Fox had said: 'Nigel may be best known for getting the UK out of Europe, but he seemed much keener on getting himself into my knickers.'When the flight landed, she tweeted: 'Hate to be wrong about people, but tonight I spent 5 hours speaking with someone I thought I’d dislike.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.' The pair then allegedly returned to her flat in Marylebone, central London, before he made his way home later in the night.

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