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Our energy levels match our excitement and passion of the process. Figure out the path you want to be on or use the career you already have or the pursuit you’ve already partaken in, and figure out what the biggest, most audacious goal is for this path you’ve chosen. The second aspect to being hungry and motivated every day instead of having to scour the internet for a moment of inspiration is ‘burning your ships’. It’s harder to be hungry the more money you make and the more success you have.

Have big, audacious, daring goals, you’ll have more motivation. Have a grand pursuit, figure out the habits, tasks, and projects you need to complete at a very high level to create what you only now dream. As success comes you have to make your mission about more than survival or money because you’re surviving and you have money. When I started this business most of my money came from – all of my money – my training business.

According to the Sunday Mirror, the 29-year-old believes that women 'aspire to be like her' in the wake of the scandal and feels that women also find it 'exciting to have illicit affairs with married men'.

Keep a notepad by your bed side and another, smaller one with you at all times. Transfer them to a single document on your computer or in Evernote or whatever else you use, and review them. No great man, no impressively successful person on this planet has stayed motivated by it upon themselves.

(Read This: The Ultimate Guide to Setting Like-Changing Goals)Now, there are so many bloody articles about ‘thinking big’ and ‘big dreams’ and all that fluffy nonsense. It has to be about legacy, about the pursuit, the thing you’re creating, the craft you’re perfecting. I had to decide what I wanted more, training people for a living or crafting something that I didn’t quite know what it would become, something with far more possibility and a much greater chance of failure. Because all of my earnings came from the business I was giving up, I also had a time limit to how long I could last without succeeding. Most people don’t add any discipline to their dreaming and thus they don’t use their dreams to keep them motivated.

Dream daily and audaciously and record your dreams. Dreams should be brought to reality in the form of goals instead of just remaining as dreams. The key thing is to make both of these recordings and their review, habitual.

They practice it, they keep their goals and that fire in their belly fed. They get a ‘feeling’ of inspiration that leads to massive goals and dreams that are merely thought and never brought to reality, to work, to habit. Record every big thought and aspiration you have at night and during the day.

Quotes sites are like crack or heroine, they give the reader the sensation of motivation but they never show them how to practice motivation. Make success the only option and sleep and vacations and all that nonsense that the weak give their time and energy to dreaming about, afterthoughts.