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After speaking with Sandy over the phone about the concept of the campaign, Justin (our awesome photographer for this campaign) and I packed our bags and headed to Skydive Chicago to meet Sandy during one of the biggest boogies of the year – Summerfest. For Sandy’s photoshoot, we got handed an idea the moment we arrived at the dropzone: an iconic rusted out DC-3 named “Lady Luck.” For newer jumpers, we all know and love the DC3 as a symbol of skydiving in its early days.

We expected to find Sandy exhausted after ten days of organizing, jumping, and packing. But for people like Sandy who have been in the sport a long time, the DC-3 is a familiar face that brings back great memories.

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We also talked about his son Nick Grillet, an accomplished jumper who grew up at the dropzone and now competes on Carolina Turbo XP.

“Nick started packing for me when he was 8,” he said.

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As we pulled the camera out to start shooting, Sandy reminisced about some of his most memorable DC-3 jumps.

He continued doing this for many years, never getting caught. In September of 2005, he finally jumped back into the dual-sport motorcycling world by purchasing a 20GS. Because life is truly an adventure, and she won’t let you forget it. With his Canon at the ready and i Phone full of music, he is pretty content as we roll through the countryside.

It wasn't long before the rest of the family was bitten by the motorcycle bug and joined in. Not unlike any other teen boy, Jack likes to get dirty while still looking cool. Shasta Forest on his Honda 230, shooting his latest movie short or just hangin’ on the basketball court with friends after school. He’s our commentator, forever telling us all the new things he sees and smells.

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