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Raymond refuses to stand up to his mother despite Debra's constant frustration of being put down and insulted by her mother-in-law.She gets along with her father-in-law Frank for the most part and is a very good friend to Robert, her brother-in-law.

7, 2018, file photo, fishing trawlers sit on the frozen harbor of Lake Montauk surrounded by thin sheets of ice in Montauk, N. A quick study of the brutal American cold snap found that the Arctic blast really was a freak of nature.

The same team had connected several weather events last year to man-made global warming including Hurricane Harvey that battered the U. and Caribbean and the French floods."It was very definitely strange, especially now," said study co-author Gabriel Vecchi of Princeton University. Things like this are becoming stranger."The study by the World Weather Attribution analyzed weather records dating back to 1880 and found the cold weather that hit a swath of the U. from Maine to Minnesota tends to happen once every 250 years.

In the early 1900s, it happened about once every 17 years.

Ray occasionally shows his love and affection toward Debra, which keeps the marriage going.

She is constantly at odds with Marie who often criticizes her on her cooking and housekeeping skills.