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They still secured praise from the judges because of their other performances this season.

Score: 28/30 Things improved when they performed an old Paige Van Zant and Mark Ballas number, and it was almost like they fixed what was wrong because it gave them another perfect score!

The duo clearly wanted to do something different, and that explains the song choice.

They were in sync throughout and proved that they had taken all of their feedback on board which is all we can ask for at this stage.

PHOTOS: All of the season 18 contestants Speaking about her ex's chemistry with Olympic ice dancer Davis, 27, both on and off the dance floor, Smirnoff likened it to "when you go to the movies and you see a romantic scene that you believe so much that you kind of believe that they could be a couple in real life." It's "great acting," she explained to Us Weekly at the finale party in Beverly Hills on May 20.

The chemistry was just not there during this performance.

In July they finally set a wedding date of June 2010 when their hectic Broadway schedules reportedly got in the way. "We're rehearsing 14 hours a day." reported that Maks had taken a lead with the planning, and Karina said she'd go along with whatever he wanted.

And based on each of their Twitter updats over the last few days, Karina initiated the split.

Score: 25/30 Their iconic dance performance took us all the way back to Season 4 for a number from Apolo Anton Ohno and Julianne Hough.

They went for a step-by-step rehash of it, and it failed in part due to Frankie not being able to keep up with Apolo's fast-paced moves.