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Duncan Titmarsh, who has also constructed a giant handbag for Ospreys of London and was advisor to James May's Sir Ray Tindle, the wealthy newspaper magnate, has his headquarters in The Old Court House in Union Road Farnham.

Tindle launched his first newspaper with £300 demob money he received as a soldier at the close of WWII and today owns 225 local newspaper titles ranking Tindle Newspapers in the Top Ten of biggest UK publishers.

Lancashire-born Catharine has lived through two world wars and still remembers the last one extremely well. In Preston we could see the planes flying over to bomb Liverpool but it was the shortages and rationing that was really tough." Farnham racing driver Josh Hill is the son of Formula 1 champion Damon Hill, and grandson of world champion Graham Hill.

Hill Jnr is actively competing at international championship level.

"Paul Martin grew up in government-run public housing in Farnham, England, a rough knuckles kind of town southwest of London. He ultimately ran a 300-employee business that rebuilt, refurbished and maintained office buildings and large residences.

At one point, his firm ran facilities management at Windsor Castle, home of the Queen of England." Martin was featured in the online magazine for his success in turning around a failed hotel in Sarasota County after spending over m.

"We have a huge amount of traffic going through the town because we have two 'A' roads that actually meet in the centre of the town," said protester Stephen Cochrane.We follow their exploits to leave their stagnant, urban lives in the hope of starting a fresh in a foreign land.The obvious obstacle for the pair is raising the money which is needed, yet their juvenile manner and rocky past might be their ultimate undoing.Bedrooms are named after stations in the London Underground, two function rooms are named individually 'Rolls' and 'Royce' for the reason that is apparent when they are joined to make a single ballroom, the restaurant is 'Morgans', and the hotel just had to be called 'Bentley's' of course."We didn't come here to only make money, sell it and walk away," Martin says.